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What makes our Body Lift Kits different?

Why Performance over Standard?
Essential upgrade for off-roaders and those seeking peak towing performance.
DMS Exclusive
Market Exclusive Product
Experience unmatched quality with DMS's exclusive use of Class 10.9 bolts, a feature not offered by any other in the market for body lift kits.
20% Increase in Tensile Strength
20% Increased Tensile Strength
Elevate your vehicle's durability with a 20% increase in tensile strength, thanks to our Class 10.9 bolts at critical stress points.
40% Increase in Yield Strength
40% Increased Yield Strength
Boost your vehicle's resilience with 40% more yield strength, ensuring superior performance and reliability in all conditions.
VSB14 Compliance
VSB14 Compliance
Ensure your 4wd's legality and safety with VSB14 compliance, making our kit a trustworthy choice for road and off-road use.
Our commitment extends beyond the sale, ensuring you’re supported every mile of your journey. With an extensive network of partnered mechanics across Australia, we offer expert installation of body lift kits, ensuring a seamless upgrade from fit to lift. Experience unparalleled post-purchase help and enjoy the confidence of knowing DMS is with you, every step of the way.
Choose from over 40 different models, with custom kits available to ensure you find the lift you need.
Access to our network of mechanics, making the fit and installation seamless.
Lift your 4x4 with ultimate peace of mind, backed by our 3-year warranty.

    Produced with high manufacturing accuracy, ensuring each component meets strict tolerance levels for a direct fit, replicating OE quality.


    Featuring high-tensile, zinc-plated hardware with superior HDPE spacers that outlast aluminium by resisting cracking over time. Backed by a 3-Year Warranty, our product ensures lasting durability and quality.


    Increase frame height by up to 50mm, accommodating tire upgrades. Spacer design ensures compatibility with stock suspension and maintains OEM ride characteristics.

Worried your mods are illegal?

All our lift kits are Vehicle Standards Bulletin 14 (VSB14) compliant. To learn more click below!