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Should you get a Body Lift or a Suspension Lift Kit?

Choose the best modification for your 4WD:

In the realm of vehicle enhancement, the decision between opting for a body lift or a suspension lift is crucial, hinging on your specific goals for ride height, tire size, and off-road capability. We here at DMS Fasteners are here to explain why for the VAST MAJORITY of 4WD enthusiasts, Body Lift Kits are both the more cost-effective and appropriate choice. Body lift kits emerge as an outstanding solution for those seeking an economical and effective method to elevate their vehicle's appearance and utility, without the intricate modifications necessitated by suspension lifts.

Understanding the Distinction: Body Lift vs. Suspension Lift

  • Body Lift Kits: Specialised in raising the body away from the frame, these kits provide an increased ride height, facilitating larger tires without altering ground clearance or handling dynamics. Ideal for achieving a more commanding presence without compromising the factory ride quality.
  • Suspension Lift Kits: Aimed at elevating the entire vehicle structure, including the suspension system, to offer enhanced ground clearance and off-road performance. This method, while offering substantial ride height increases, comes with a notable impact on vehicle handling and a significant cost implication.

The Technical Edge of Body Lift Kits:

  • Cost-Effectiveness and Simplicity: Body lift kits are the most budget-friendly approach to achieve a taller ride height, designed for straightforward installation without necessitating extensive suspension or steering adjustments. This simplicity extends to potential DIY installation, further reducing overall costs.
  • Preservation of Ride Quality: By maintaining the original suspension geometry, body lift kits ensure the vehicle's handling remains unaffected. This contrasts with suspension lifts, which can introduce changes in handling dynamics due to an increased center of gravity and potential for body roll.
  • Optimal Lift Size Without Compromise: Offering lift sizes ranging from 1 to 2 inches, body lift kits provide a balanced elevation suitable for most aesthetic and functional tire size upgrades. Suspension lifts, while capable of exceeding these heights, often necessitate comprehensive modifications that can drastically alter the vehicle's handling and stability.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics with Minimal Structural Impact: Body lift kits allow for an aesthetically pleasing increase in vehicle stature, enabling the fitment of larger tires with minimal impact on the vehicle's structural integrity and warranty.

Elevate Your Vehicle's Profile with Precision: The Superior Choice of a Body Lift Kit

Choosing a body lift kit aligns with a strategic approach to vehicle modification, prioritizing cost efficiency, ease of installation, and the preservation of original handling characteristics. Whether your goal is to enhance your vehicle's street presence or to prepare for light off-road adventures, a body lift kit offers a compelling blend of benefits without the drawbacks associated with more invasive suspension modifications.