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Body Lift Kits - Standard vs Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Series:
Designed for both enthusiasts and adventurers, the Heavy Duty Series significantly enhances your vehicle's capabilities. By incorporating Class 10.9 bolts at key stress points, this upgrade stands as the strongest body lift kit available on the market. It offers up to 20% greater tensile strength and 40% enhanced yield strength, ensuring your 4WD is fortified for off-road adventures and heavy-duty towing.

Standard Series:
The Standard Series is crafted for reliable performance and everyday confidence. Equip with industry-standard Class 8.8 bolts, it strikes a perfect balance between reliability and affordability. These bolts are designed to support the daily demands of driving and standard usage, providing a sturdy foundation for your 4WD's needs. Ideal for those seeking dependable performance day in and day out.

Heavy Duty Series Standard Series
Tensile Strength ≈ 1000 MPa (20% ↑) ≈ 800 MPa
Yield Strength ≈ 900 MPa (40% ↑) ≈ 640 MPa
Application Off-roading and towing Everyday driving
Durability #1 Strongest on the market Reliable and durable
VSB14 Compliance Yes Yes
Availability Exclusive to DMS Industry standard