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Body Lift Kits - FAQs

How do I install a body lift kit?

It's advised to get a professional to handle the installation of the body lift kit.

The exact kit and the height you're aiming for might require some extra parts. This kit is designed for easy bolt-on installation, and if you ever change your mind, it's simple to revert.

Will a body lift kit affect my vehicle's handling or performance?

While a body lift kit primarily affects the vehicle's appearance, it can slightly alter the center of gravity

However, since it doesn't change the suspension, the overall handling and performance remain largely consistent.

Will I need to make any other modifications to my 4x4 after installing a body lift kit, such as adjusting brake lines or the steering column?

Most body lift kits are designed to fit without additional modifications.

However, in some cases, adjustments to components like bumpers or steering extensions might be necessary.

How do I maintain my vehicle after installing a body lift kit? Are there any special considerations?

Regular inspections of the lift components are recommended. Ensure that all bolts and connections remain tight and that there's no unusual wear or damage.