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Flanged Purlin Bolt Assembly & Hex Purlin Bolt Assembly

We accommodate orders of all sizes, ranging from individual boxes to full pallets. No account required!

Size Range: M12 & M16

Length Range: 30mm

Class Options: Class 4.6 or Class 8.8

Structural Assembly Image

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PF46Z12030 M12 30mm 1.75 CL4.6 ZP Flanged Hex Purlin Assembly
PF88Z12030 M12 30mm 1.75 CL8.8 ZP Flanged Hex Purlin Assembly
PF88G12030 M12 30mm 1.75 CL8.8 HDG Flanged Hex Purlin Assembly
PH46Z12030 M12 30mm 1.75 CL4.6 ZP Hex Purlin Assembly
PH46Z16030 M16 30mm 2.00 CL4.6 ZP Hex Purlin Assembly